I am currently heading up a collaborative project to build a large delta 3D printer and pneumatic clay paste extruder for DAAP's ceramics studio. In collaboration with Sarah Christie (BFA Ceramics 2017) I was awarded a grant through the Wolfstein fellowship which we used to fund the build.  We travelled to Peters Valley School of Craft to build and collaborate with ceramic/3D printing artist Bryan Czibesz and an interdisciplinary team of designers and ceramicists.

The project has grown to include Ming Tang (Asst Prof Architecture), Richard Hardman (BSArch 2016), and Colin Klimesh (MFA Ceramics 2015, DAAP rapid prototyping specialist).  Current inquiry is centered on using Silkworm toolpathing software to generate alternatives to the traditional stacked-layer 3D printing approach, and the development of new ceramic materials for use in this emerging process.